Digitalt seminarium: Machine Learning and Local Knowledge

17 november, kl 13 - 15, kan du ta del av Karl-Magnus Johanssons presentation Machine Learning and Local Knowledge - A Presentation of an Ongoing Handwritten Text Recognition and Citizen Science Project at the National Archives in Gothenburg.

In early 2020 a Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) and Citizen Science project was initiated at the Swedish National Archives in collaboration with GPS400 - Centre for Collaborative Visual Research at the University of Gothenburg. The project’s archival material consists of police reports from Gothenburg 1868-1902 in more than 22 000 pages of handwritten text. To produce high quality training data for the HTR-model, as well as to raise the quality of the automatically transcribed data, people from civic society were invited to participate in the project. In this presentation, archivist Karl-Magnus Johansson talks about his experiences of the ongoing project, in connection to recent studies of the relationship between data and local knowledge.

Digitalt seminarium
17 november 2020
17 november 2020

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